14 Secrets on How to be Fabulous at ANY Age

According to the dictionary being fabulous means: A person who looks exceptionally good or impressive in an unusual way.

Being unusual speaks about an element of surprise. In other words, in order to “wow” others you need to bring an element of surprise to the party e.g. in your early 20’s your maturity and panache might blow people away whilst in your 50’s your elegant beauty and grace might be what distinguishes you from the crowd.

Below is a list of practices you can implement to ensure you maintain your fabulosity throughout life.


  1. Dress age appropriately and according to the occasion.
  2. Find a specific style that works for you and built your wardrobe around this.
  3. Stay in tune with current fashion trends, but don’t follow fashion trends to the T. The current fashion trend might NOT suite your body shape which would then most definitely have an impact on your fabulosity. What I normally do is to, at the beginning of each new season, identify a few key staples from the new season and see how best I can merge this with my existing wardrobe/style. (I prefer a classical style which makes this quite easy).
  4. Accessorize – A few strategically chosen accessories can take your look from ordinary to extraordinary! From drab to Fab! Use them!
  5. Be comfortable in your own skin – make sure you wear the correct size clothing – either too big or too small distracts from a stylish picture.


  1. Find a hairdresser that wants you to look as fabulous and beautiful as you are. He/she must be able to see and create an end-product that would be A-MA-ZING! – one that fits your face shape and lifestyle.
  2. Choosing the correct hair color is of the essence in order to look fabulous and especially as you age this becomes crucial as your skin tone might have changed over time and therefor your hair color also needs to be adapted accordingly.

Skin care

  1. Religiously stick to a skin care regime of cleaning, toning and moisturizing twice a day as a basis.
  2. Never ever go outside without protection against the sun (at least a SPF15). Wear your sun hat (bonus, it makes you look fabulous!)


  1. Always wear make-up!
  2. Use make-up to emphasize and complement your best features whilst at the same time hide imperfections. Here the golden rule is – Less is more. In a study conducted amongst males and females both sexes indicated that they find women with less make-up more attractive than those with a lot of make-up.
  3. Contouring is king! Use it!

Love your Body

  1. Find an activity that suites your lifestyle and preferences, but just keep active! This will ensure that your body can show off the diva in you!

Inner Beauty

  1. Know and love yourself – if you don’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you? Know and list your own personal strengths and weaknesses. Build on your strengths and develop your areas of development/weaknesses.
    Self-knowledge leads to confidence – a recent study revealed that men are much more attracted to women who have a positive outlook on life. Let your confidence shine through, but never with arrogance. Humbleness is most probably the most appreciated virtue of all. Embrace it, and remember stay divalicious at all times!

Self Love

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