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Tips on How to Create the Illusion of a Perfect Body

Don’t we all wish we’ve had a perfect body!? Unfortunately we can’t all have a perfect body, but we can all learn to dress to create the impression of a perfect body. Dressing in a manner that is pleasing on the eye is all about proportions and balance. The human body is made up of vertical and horizontal proportions. The aim for you should be to understand your own body’s proportions and then to dress accordingly. This will enable you to combine clothes that will appear to adjust any imbalances and give the illusion of a perfectly balanced body.

If you haven’t established your vertical and horizontal body type as yet, first visit my previous blog post to identify such.

Following these guidelines will ensure that, if you apply these, you will be in a position to buy only those clothes that suite you best and safe you tonnes of money.

In today’s blog post we will be looking at what to wear depending on your vertical proportions.

The Balanced Body

If you have a balanced vertical body type you are deemed to be having perfect proportions. At the hip line this woman is almost perfectly divided in two. The length of your body and legs are thus in balance with each other.

Wear the following to complement your balanced body type:

  • Medium to medium-long blouses, tops and jackets.
  • Waistband-less skirts and pants and narrow belts
  • No contrasting colors at the waistline
  • Dresses that flow through the waist
  • Medium to medium-long necklaces, vests and scarves.

Long Legs, Short torso

This body type you will generally find amongst tall women.

To create balance you need to create the illusion of a lengthened torso.

This you can do by:

  • Dropped waistlines
  • Low slung belts
  • Hipster pants
  • Wear skirts and pants without waistbands
  • Long jackets and tunics
  • Long tops and skirts
  • Don’t tuck in tops as it will make your waist appear shorter
  • Wear long- lined accessories.

Short Legs / Long Torso

Here the aim would be to visually lengthen your short legs to balance out the longer torso.

This can be achieved by wearing:

  • Short to medium-long tops, blouses and jackets (Tops can be tucked in)
  • Straight skirts rather than wide or flared styles.
  • Keep to one color – from waist to toe, i.e. stocking that blend with the shoes and hemline (This creates length).
  • Medium to wide belts
  • Classic width pants
  • Medium to high heels
  • Medium to wide belts, depending on weight and age.
  • Accessories that pulls the eyes up (focus on face)

These are only general guidelines.  For a detailed analysis of your body type and style recommendation visit My Private Stylist.

Next time we will be looking at dressing for your horizontal body type.

Stay divalicious till next time.

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