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Proven Way to Overcome the “I’ve got Nothing to Wear” Syndrome

Are you happy with the way you look each morning you look in the mirror?  Or…. do you have that little nagging feeling that something is “just not right”, yet you can’t exactly put your finger on it?  Is it the color of my shirt, my hair, my makeup, the length of my dress, the height of my shoe heel ….

Have you noticed how this affects your emotional well-being?  All of a sudden – you are irritated and the thought of “people must just stay out of my way today”! is written all over your face.  Ever noticed that?  Yes, how you look also affects your mood!

All the above have most probably started with you standing in front of your closet exclaiming to your loved one – “I’m so frustrated!  I’ve got nothing to wear!” Yet, your closet is jam packed with clothes – all shapes and sizes, fashionable items….  Research have found that most women wear only 20% of the items in their closet.

Problem is – you don’t know how to solve this dilemma as tomorrow you will go out and buy more clothes (remember, you don’t have enough clothes….lol), but yet you will still be faced with the same dilemma.  Those new clothes will also just miraculously “disappear” in your closet!

So, then what is the solution to the “I’ve got nothing to wear syndrome”?

First, you need to realize having fashionable items in your closet won’t make this syndrome disappear.  In fact, sometimes wearing what the latest fashion trends prescribes might make you look and feel worse because it is JUST NOT YOU!  Today, I want to introduce you to a solution that would help you find your true self from a style perspective.

Secondly, being fashionable does not automatically means you have style.  First point of departure should therefore be to find YOUR PERSONAL style.  Personal style is not so much what you like, but rather what looks best on YOUR body type.  You might have bought that high fashion item that you love to bits, but people might still view you as a person without style should it not fit your body type.  It will  in fact just make you look awkward.  You get my drift? They might even say you’ve got no fashion sense, but that’s not it!  It could be a high fashion item at the time –  but the crux is whether it suites you, your body type and lifestyle that makes you stylish (and in people’s minds fashionable or not).

The trick is therefor to establish your body type and find pieces that compliments your body type.  When wearing items that suites your body type you will feel and look good.  As you start re-arranging your closet around suitable items that fits your body type you will see that you can basically pick anything from your closet, put it on and walk out of your room with a smile on your face.  You will have plenty to wear – in fact, once your closet is cleaned out, focusing on only what is suitable to your body type – you will have a closet full of wearable clothes and never ever will you have to say, “I’ve got nothing to wear”!

I know, I know…. you want to know how exactly to do this.  Don’t fear, help is at hand.  Why don’t you visit My Private Stylist to see how we can assist in finding your personal style?  You don’t have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to hire a personal stylist.  You can become your own private stylist in the comfort of your own home at less than the price of your next fashion item!! Just think about all the money you have wasted in buying that 80% of clothes in your closet that you never wear (and that you will be saving on going forward).  Take this free quiz to see how much money you waste by not buying clothes that suite your body shape, lifestyle etc.   Bet, you will be surprised by the result! Not much to think about, is there?

I am a petite person – as a petite person one of the things you have to be really careful of is the length of your dresses.  If it is the incorrect length (especially too long) you will actually look shorter and out of proportion.  Below is a shot from my personal portfolio within the My Private Stylist program.  It clearly shows the correct length of dress and style for my body type.

Knee Length

Picture source : My Private Stylist

Do yourself a favor and go visit the site and let me know what you think, but I love it to bits!

Men, I haven’t forgotten about you either!!  How could I?  Go to Men of Style to discover the amazing Private Stylist for men.

Whewww!  No more “I’ve got nothing to wear!” and cherry on the cake – complements will keep on rolling in.  People would think you have visited a Glam Guru!

Stay divalicious!

Till next time..

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