Follow your dreams

Tonight I look back at 2 weeks of tears, tiredness, 2000kms and long hours without sleep, but all with a sense of great content as it has lead me to the attainment of one of my dreams.

Wow! What a feeling! 

I always wanted a place I could call my own in the Cape Town area so during December last year we started looking at a few options. Doors just started to open up and it just felt right – as if it was meant to be.  We found a lovely 4 bedroom house on a 6550 square metre plot in Bettys Bay! During January  this year my husband and I flew down to Cape Town to clinch the deal.  I just cannot explain how excited we’ve been and still are.

Yesterday was our anniversary and we had the privilege of celebrating it in our new home (and a visit to the local penguin colony).


(Unfortunately we shall move here permanently only in time to come, but our dream has come true!)

Why am I sharing this with you? Just because I want to motivate you to:

1. First of all have a dream;
2. Pursue it by planning for it;
3. Action it by following your plan which might require hard work;
4. Live your dream!
To me, in this sense, it is to sit on my balcony and watch the waves breaking in the distance and when I look through my bedroom window a majestic mountain that greets me. Marvellously spectacular!

To all you bloggers out there – what is the dream (vision) you have for your blog?

Do you have a strategy to achieve your vision?

What does success look like for you? Only if you know what success looks like will you know whether you have been successful or not, i.e. is it to have 10 000 followers, sales of x amount etc.

Dream, plan, action, live it!

And remember – Be divalicious!


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