How to Remove Dark Circles underneath your Eyes

Your eyes are the window to your soul, not your age!

During my mid to late 30’s I was really plagued with dark circles underneath my eyes. No matter what I tried, I just couldn’t get rid of it. This had quite an impact on my emotional state since I never felt pretty, even though I might have been dressed up and polished to the T. The only thing I would noticed looking into the mirror were my dark under eye circles! Aargh! One of the reasons why it upset me sooo much was that it made me look much older than what I really was and truth being told – which woman wants to look older that what she really is?? Although looking back in retrospect, I now realize that I haven’t done nearly enough to address the issue, i.e. I should have followed a holistic approach by first identifying what the possible causes could be, then address those, together with certain cosmetic products to arrest the situation. During this time I was suffering very badly from allergies. Once this was sorted out by my health practitioner, things started to lighten up for me – both literally as well as figuratively speaking.

Research has shown, one of the top beauty concerns amongst woman across the globe as well as in different age categories is dark circles underneath their eyes. This is quite a challenging situation you find yourself in when you have dark circles underneath your eyes as it could be the result of various factors such as genetics, health related issues such as sinusitis or allergies, lack of certain vitamins, lack of sleep, stress, smoking etc. It could very well be the result of the normal aging process as well through which we loose elasticity (collagen) and the thinning of the skin in and around the sensitive eye area. It is therefore first and foremost important that you identify the root cause of your dark under eye circles before even trying to fix the problem cosmetically. If you suspect it could be the latter, by all means do consult your beautician for the best solution but also first ask yourself a few vital questions, i.e. Am I getting enough shut eye, am I consuming my daily requirement of Vitamin K (mostly found in green leafy vegetables)? In general is my diet adequately balanced to sustain healthy living? Remember your skin is your largest organ! Treat it with care. A lack of iron can also lead to dark circles underneath your eyes and might lead you to look very pale, which then off cause would exaggerate the dark circles.

Sometimes people refer to dark under eye circles and puffiness (bags underneath the eyes) as if they are one and the same, but they are not! Dark under eye circles is caused by thinning skin which makes the blood vessels underneath the skin so much more noticeable. In order to relief these you can try a product that contains caffeine that reduces dark areas. Use products with anti-inflammatory properties such as green tea to reduce puffiness. Dermatologist have found that such products’ effectiveness is improved if put in a fridge since that would sooth the sensitive eye area even further.

Remember your eyes are the windows to your soul – let your true beauty shine through, and remember stay Divalicious!

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PS.  I would love to hear from you as to what your biggest beauty challenge is – I have just shared mine.

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