Your Number 1 Life Saving Travel Accessory

Divas all deserve a bodyguard, right? Right! Well truth being told – we can’t all afford a bodyguard, but if you have an Android cell phone your “bodyguard” fits it the palm of your hand!


My 23 year old daughter is planning a solo trip of +-4000 km (from start to end) by car along the east and west coast of South Africa which of cause has got me all worked up and concerned about her safety – I guess this being one of the contributing reasons why I am writing this blog post.

They say – rather be safe than sorry.  That most definitely applies when you are travelling, but also in your everyday life.  The few apps listed below are all Android Apps. Take your safety into your own hands by downloading the one you feel is most suited to your unique lifestyle.

Did you ever think about what you would do should you be attacked during your afternoon jog or calm walk along the beach?  Have you ever been on a bad date, not knowing how to get out of it? Provided that you have your cell phone with you and one of these Safety Apps installed on your phone your safety is now literally in the palm of your hand.  Below find a list of Android Apps and its key features that might come in handy in the case of an emergency.

BSafe You was designed with your safety in mind.  It literally puts your safety into your own hand.

Bsafe You helps you to:

  • Set up a personal safety network of friends and family members you can contact in an instant, in times of need.
  • With its Follow Me feature you can ask them to virtually ‘walk you home’ by sharing your GPS location with them.
  • The app also lets you set a timer that will automatically go off if you fail to check in at pre-determined time, thereby alerting your safety network to check if something is amiss.
  • It also has a Guardian Alert button which sends your GPS location and a small video of the incident to your safety network, and also sets off a siren if you opt for it.
  • With the “fake call” function you can make your phone ring when you want it to in order for you to get out of that dreaded horrible blind date. (you can thank me later 😉

Raksha – Help in Need

In case of an emergency you can just shake your phone, which will then send a sms to your loved ones as well as post to both Facebook and Twitter.

By the click of a button you can activate the police through an alert message.  Also by the click of a button you can capture and send a photo of the location to your loved ones which makes tracing you sooo much easier.

This app however needs internet to be enabled and is not functionable without it, hence this app is NOT for you should you not have access to internet on your mobile.

React Mobile (Similar to BSafe)

Re-act Mobile works in tandem with React Sidekick.  It is perfect for those loving the outdoors, having to walk through dangerous alleys, love to do things by themselves and the list goes on and on.  One of the key benefits of this app is real time tracking.

In the case of an emergency, slide the “SOS Help Button” to send out an emergency signal in the form of a text message as well as emails to your contacts as specified.  These messages can furthermore be posted to social media, i.e. Facebook.  The system automatically calls the authorities when a “Help me” message is send.  This is a very handy feature as we all know that immediate response is off the essence in an emergency situation.

Shake2Safety – Very interesting app, but make sure to set your phone’s sensitivity at the correct level as you might be sending distress signals to your loved ones without really being in danger!

Use this app in case of emergencies like accidents, harassments, robbery, abuse, domestic  violence, terrorist attacks to name but a few.

How does it work?  Shake your phone or press power button four times to send SOS text and/or call.  Imagine the worth of such an application during events such as 9/11 and the November 2015 terrorist attacks.

Safe Travel by Cigna – This app would come in handy especially for those of you who travel a lot to foreign countries and more especially so when it is your first trip abroad.

The app provides you with a risk profile of over 200 countries worldwide.  A global incident monitoring service provides travelers with up to date safety information and alerts that might impact on your travel plans.

This one in conjunction with any of the other 4 would most definitely assist in ensuring that your next trip is one of the safest you have ever undertaken.

Be safe and stay divalicious!

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