Travel Tips for Female Travelers

Following our ordeal during our previous “trip for girls only” the question popped into my mind as to how safe female travelers really are.  Truth being told – ladies travel and do all sorts of things people thought they would never do with no harm being done to them, but let’s face it (some) woman are somewhat more vulnerable than others. So, if you are one of those, it might be a good idea to be extra cautious, especially should you travel solo. After all, it doesn’t matter who you are – rich or poor, male or female – your safety is first and utmost your own responsibility.

People today are keen to explore the thrill and excitement of solo travelling at least once in their lifetime. But for women in general, and for woman travelling in and to certain countries, there are added security challenges. However, with proper precautions and guidelines women can definitely give it a shot.

Here are a few ideas as to how you can improve on your personal safety whilst travelling.  


  1. Avoid telling people you are travelling solo. This would help lessen the chances of being vulnerable to any suspicious persons around you. In case you get into an uncomfortable situation, try to communicate with nearby people – preferably women.
  2. Always plan your trip in a manner that you reach the destination in the daytime. This will give you a chance to explore the destination well. However, if you do arrive in the night, ask your hotel to send a cab instead of hiring any odd taxi off the road. It is best if you could avoid reaching your destination at night time.
  3. Stay at reputable hotels with good safety features, such as safety chains so that even should you need to open your hotel room’s door you would still be safe on the inside. For your convenience – book your accommodation through
  4. Keep your hotel room’s door/s locked at all times whilst inside your room.
  5. Safeguard your valuables by locking it up in the hotel’s safe.
  6. Inform your host or loved one when you are going out and approximate time of return.
  7. Be organised.  Know what you have placed where in your handbag.  Don’t fiddle in public for stuff in your bag.  
  8. Carry pepper spray – just in case…
  9. Keep your cell phone on you at all times.  
  10. Have all emergency numbers noted. As they say, prevention is better than cure. It’s always good to have all emergency numbers saved in your mobile or diary. This will come in handy in a difficult situation.
  11. Punch in the number of one of your emergency contacts (without dialing it) and lock your phone before going out.  In doing so, you can quickly unlock your phone in an emergency situation and press the dial button.
  12. Try to blend in with the locals (Ye, I know Divas don’t like to blend in ) i.e. Dress like they do.  Fall in with their rhythm, visit hot spots during peak times etc.
  13. Stay confident – Exude confidence and familiarity in any place you visit. This lets people around you think that you frequent the place and know it well.
  14. Install a safety app on your cell phone that could be of great assistance in case of an emergency.
  15. Stash the cash.  Never keep all your cash in one place. Always keep your valuables in different places, be it in a bag, inside pocket of a jacket, socks, hip pocket etc. This would prevent you from losing all your valuables in one go and you will have a backup if something bad were to happen, like a theft or loot.
  16. Wrap the map – During your solo trip, avoid consulting a map frequently in front of others or even in a rental car. Rather, you could use a mobile GPS app to figure out directions. Consulting maps in front of others may invite someone to misguide or harm you.

Travel the world, explore, conquer – but through it all – remember your safety MUST come first at all times.

……and remember, stay Divalicious!

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