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Girls Only ~ Trip of a Life Time


June 2015 – My husband and I are visiting our son in Cape Town, South Africa – who happens to be staying with his cousin.  She and I are soul sisters.  No, you DON’T understand – we are sooouuuul sisters!  We’ve been wanting to go on a girls’ only vacation for quite some time now, but there was always something that prohibited us from doing so, such as babies, husbands, work commitments etc etc.  You get my drift –Plain Jane, being a Plain Jane.  My mother – her gran – had been sick for quite some time and we both desperately want to see her before it might be too late…  Gran is staying in Port Elizabeth (South Africa).  After some deliberations with both our husbands we got the green light. Without wasting any more time – and before the men can change their minds – our flight tickets to Port Elizabeth are booked as we are trembling with excitement. Mine from Durban (South Africa) to Port Elizabeth (PE) and hers from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.  Downside – we have to wait SIX whole months as the trip will only materialize in December – the 16th of December.

During the six months leading up to the trip, we planned our trip – which was gonna be 7 days only – to the T.  Hotel accommodation was booked on the beach front – we had a view of all the festivities happening on the beach from the comfort of our hotel room’s window, access to entertainment and restaurants without even the need to get into a car.  We could literally walk everywhere to get where we wanted to be (except for visiting gran – that was quite a drive!)   A prime spot indeed……. Part of our plans was a photo shoot with a well-known Port Elizabeth photographer.  The intent of the photo shoot was to celebrate love, life and everything in-between and to try and capture the unique connection that exists between the two of us.  Boy o’ boy!  We, or should I rather say the photographer,  discovered even more similarities between the two of us – stuff that we were not even aware off – such as exact leg movements when we broke out in laughter about stuff only we could find funny….  Ahhh, the joys of sisterhood 😉


Like most good things it had to come to an end and as time was drawing closer and closer for us to say goodbye the sadness overwhelmed us on our second last day, but we were adamant to enjoy the last few hours together.  So, on this particular night we decided to have an early night and were back in the hotel room at about half past 9 – just chilling, chatting, reading and somewhere along the line my roomie fell asleep.  Round about half past 11 there was a huge commotion in the corridors, children yelling franticly, adults screaming……. and much later security guards. We felt so vulnerable being 2 ladies.  We literally didn’t know what to do, mostly because of shock and fear in the realisation that something terrible must have played itself out outside our hotel room.  (The commotion was right in front of our door!) Upon investigation we found two children (approximately aged 6 and 8) had been robbed – someone who pretended to be the parents knocked on their door and gained access to their room in that manner..…  We felt that we couldn’t stay at this specific establishment any longer and immediately tried to find either an earlier flight back home or alternative accommodation.  We very soon realized that we wouldn’t find any earlier flights back home as the next available flights were way after the date of our original return date.  That left us with only one option and that was to look for alternative accommodation for our last night’s stay in Port Elizabeth.  At approximately 03:00am I went onto the internet to search for accommodation.  I came across an international travel site i.e.   This site was very user friendly with suggestions on possible accommodation establishments.   Other sites that I’ve gone on had no availability as it was mid-holiday season with 3 days prior to Christmas.  With it was easy to find and book accommodation as it listed establishments which had availability in our price range first and also had an area for special requests. At approximately 03:15am I secured alternative accommodation through with a special request to the establishment, that if possible, we could book in at 08h00 due to our circumstances (checking in time is normally at 14h00).  Just after 07h30 the chosen hotel phoned us confirming that we could check in immediately – this all through the facilitation of  I can honestly recommend for your next travel – and yes, I am NOW affiliated to them – wouldn’t you – after having received such excellent service whilst being petrified.

Why would I then call this a trip of a lifetime – since it was something I always wanted to do – a girls only trip and both our husbands allowed us to unwind and not to worry about a thing back home – bless their souls – which let us having returned home,  oooh sooo rejuvenated and ready for 2016!

And yes, for my mom – we did get to spend some quality time with her during our short stay in Port Elizabeth – unfortunately our gut feeling was right –that was indeed the last time during which we had an opportunity and the privilege to spend time with her as she peacefully died in her sleep on the 10th of February 2016.  We are still very sad, but have peace in the knowledge that she is now in heaven.  Rev 14:13 (Messenger) “I heard a voice out of Heaven, “Write this: Blessed are those who die in the Master from now on; how blessed to die that way!”  “Yes”, says the Spirit, and blessed rest from their hard hard work.  None of what they’ve done is wasted; God blesses them for it all in the end”.

Be on the lookout for my next blog when I will be sharing some tips on travel safety and security for woman.

Till next time – stay divalicious

Visit for all your accommodation requirements.



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