Living an Extraordinary Life!!

Good day Plain Jane Divas!

How excited I am to be writing to you at long last!  This has been in the pipeline for quite some time, but somehow there always has been “that something” standing between my dream and the reality. Giving it some thought, I think I might know the reason why, but more on that to follow in my follow-up blogs.

When I first shared my blog’s name with my 23 year old daughter, her immediate reaction was:  “But Mummy isn’t that a bit of a paradox?!”  Plain-Jane-Divas…..  And yes, I know, you may be having the exact same thoughts, but there is method in the madness – I promise!

See, I am this person that sees myself as a “Plain Jane” – nothing extraordinary about me – I am an ordinary woman, introverted, coming from an ordinary family, married to an ordinary guy, living in an ordinary house (in a good suburb J), with a NOT so ordinary car, (love, love my car), doing an ordinary job, – and the list goes on…. Yet, when I take a closer look at each of these ordinary facets in my life, I realise each and every one of them is ACTUALLY extraordinary and I am so blessed.

Well, the above is how I see myself…. But then there is life and how some of my friends, family, acquaintances and strangers see me, and because I’m introverted and love the beautiful things in life some of them sees me as a little bit of a prima donna or snob.  The Mirriam-Webster definition of a Diva is:  “a famous and successful woman who is very attractive and fashionable”  Truth being told – I am not a diva, I am just a Plain Jane who loves the finer things in life, such as shopping,  fashion, make-up, to travel in comfort and style – and the odd time – go camping.  So yes, if that is paradoxal then I am living a perceived paradoxal life and I am sure there are plenty of you who can associate with what I am saying.  Society tends to put us in a box – either a plain Jane or a Diva, a success or a failure, pretty or ugly, whereas there are so many shades of grey in between – 50 shades of Grey…..  (wink wink J).  You are, who you are – the way God intended you to be – the Bible says in Psalm 139, He has knitted you together in your mother’s womb, made you fearfully and wonderfully!   Embrace your uniqueness!  Question then – How do I live an extraordinary life – answer is simple – find your purpose in life and pursue your dreams with all that is within you.  Staying in your comfort zone, won’t get you there.  You’ve got to work for it..  Belief in yourself – if you don’t’, no one will!

So, to all you Plain Jane Divas out there – this blog is for you!  Together we are gonna explore the finer things in life, yet remain true to ourselves.  Looking forward to be chatting to you soon.


-Plain Jane  – Karin

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